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Photos of your favorite female singers

Pictures of your favorite women in metal.
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Welcome to the world of Female Singer Pictures! We love to collect pictures of rock and metal women whose voices we love. We love to share our collections of photos as well as music of these lovely women! So, if you love female singers, why don't you join us?

Winners of our Caption Contests!

Some simple rules
1. Try to keep it on topic. This is a community for rock and metal female singers (although we're flexible), so please try to stick to that.
2. If you're posting music, make sure the post is friends only.
3. Try to remember the name of the community. Try not to make text only posts unless you really have something to say.
4. No bitchiness. If you get banned from here, that'll be about the only reason why.
5. If you make an icon post, you must include at least one actual photo.

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